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  • How Do I Get Started?

    With a phone call to our experienced Senior Care Advisor we will do an initial assessment of your loved one’s medical, social, and financial situation.  This will help us locate the most appropriate housing options.


    • We will set up a time to tour you to the State Licensed Assisted Living Facilities or Homes that fit the needs of your loved one.
    • We will accompany you on the tours of facilities, if you desire, and upon final decision will help you negotiate the price.
  • What Areas Do You Serve?


    • Ahwatukee
    • Casa Grande
    • Chandler
    • Gilbert
    • Maricopa
    • Mesa
    • Paradise Valley
    • Phoenix (South, Central and North)
    • Queen Creek
    • San Tan Valley
    • Scottsdale
    • Tempe

  • How Do We Get Paid?

    We are a private business. All of the senior living communities that we refer clients pay us a one-time finder’s fee when we successfully place a client into their facility at your discretion.


    This is not like real estate commission. The amount our service receives are factored from the marketing costs of the community – it really is free to you and your senior.


  • What If I Change My Mind?

    It is no problem at all, we are here when you need us. If for some reason you do not want to move after all, we will simply wish you luck, close our case and file it away. We are only here to help.  We hope that you would reach out to us again when the timing is right.

  • Do I Need To Make Phone Calls / Fill Out Forms?

    Do I Need To Call Around or Fill Out Online Information Forms To Different Facilities?


    No, there is no need for you to spend your time calling around different facilities only to find that they are not right for you. We have placed many residents in all types of senior living communities and we strive to match up personalities to insure a successful placement.


    Our success is based on our experience and insight. We match an older adult’s needs, lifestyle and personality with our insider knowledge of local senior care providers. We also utilize state inspection reports and feedback from other families we work with to ensure a good fit.

  • How Long Does It Take?

    How Long Does It Take To Find An Appropriate Placement?


    We understand that most of these decisions are urgent.  We have placed many clients in as little as 24 hours. We’ve also had many clients that preferred to wait several months before they moved in. It is an individual choice.


    We help you understand what to look for while touring and which questions to ask. You will quickly discover that each senior care community has its own personality.

  • What Makes Care In Choosing Different?

    What makes you different from other companies that do this?


    • Other companies who offer these services in the Phoenix metropolitan area are typically franchises or part of a national placement company based in a different state. They often operate out of a call center with little to no presence in the community. By contrast, we are focused solely on the Phoenix metro area.
    • We do not accept payment from any facility to advertise their facility on our website.
    • We only recommend facilities that we would recommend to our own family.
    • We support many non-profit causes within the community we serve.
    • We have personally been through this process with our own family. We understand that while every family is different we can offer you support and information that will help you through your own family’s journey.
    • There’s never any pressure.  If you or your senior don’t need to move to a dedicated care facility, we won’t recommend it. Your best interest is our paramount concern.

  • How Much Does Care Cost?

    Assisted living rates will vary from state to state and typically ranges from $2,000 to $5,000 per month.


    The first questions most often asked is if Medicare pays for assisted living care. The answer is no.

  • How Do I Know If Assisted Living Is Needed?

    Assisted Living can often be the right solution when you observe:


    • Falls and mobility challenges
    • Difficulty with managing money and bills
    • Difficulty managing medication
    • Increased memory difficulty and short-term forgetfulness
    • Impaired physical and mental ability to perform activities of daily living
    • Impaired decision making
    • Negatively impacting the physical and mental health of the primary caregiver
    • Increased frequency of use of emergency medical systems
  • What Factors Do You Consider?

    • Owner, manager and care giver qualifications and experience
    • Location & Cost
    • Cleanliness of Facility
    • Quality and Variety of Food
    • Physical qualities such as roll in showers, safety devices utilized, etc.
    • Observed Family Involvement & Activity of Residents
    • Ability of staff to speak English fluently
    • Previous client feedback
    • Personal observations of Care in Choosing while touring the facility
    • *Arizona Department of Health Services inspections


    Arizona assisted living facilities and residential group homes are inspected annually and are regulated by the Arizona Department of Health Services.  These annual inspection reports and surveys can be viewed at