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Galatians 5:13

Why Jody Zvada? Why Care in Choosing?

I’ve Been Where You Are…

I can still taste my Grandma Jean’s Pierogi and chuckle thinking about what a devoted Cubs and Diamondbacks fan she was.  Memories of stories from life in the Midwest and her love for her Great Grandchildren are etched in my heart and just part of my driving force to help families through Care In Choosing.

“Gigi” as my kids called her provided me with my first experience with senior living options.  After moving to Arizona from the Midwest, she moved into a wonderful independent living community where she absolutely thrived!  She would tell me living there provided some of the best years of her life!

Over time, her sight and hearing began to fail and made independent living too difficult.  So, my family looked to a placement service to help us find a safe and reputable assisted living residential home near us.  That process opened my eyes to a greater need for services likes these and it was then, I knew I wanted to bless others doing the same thing.

I spent years getting educated about senior living, touring communities, meeting with owners and staff and learning everything that I knew I would want to know.  In 2004, I began Care in Choosing.

Hospitals, doctors and other health professionals can offer a list of facilities with openings for your loved ones.  But, I know firsthand, Senior Living Placements require more of families.  I have been where you are.  I know your concerns, questions and the options available. I’m in these communities routinely.  I know the changes in facilities, ownership and staff and it’s my heart to serve you with my knowledge and relationships.

Grandma Jean lived for many years in the assisted living residential home where she was called “Ma-Ma” by the caregivers.  She befriended the staff and even coaxed them into taking her to play the slots at the casino, despite her failing sight!  She lived near my family so we could stop in for a game of cribbage or just to admire her State Quarter collection.  I know these quality of life concerns matter to you too, and it’s because of her profound impact on me, that I’m so passionate about helping others during this transition for your loved ones.

Finally, please enjoy Grandma Jean’s Lemon Bar Recipe…the Midwestern girl would want to share her recipe with you….and it really is good!

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Elder Abuse

Care in Choosing is committed to educating others about elder abuse

Here are some educational links to learn common signs of elder abuse and steps you can take to report it.



Arizona Department of Economic Security


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Finally, please enjoy Grandma Jean’s Lemon Bar Recipe…the Midwestern girl would want to share her recipe with you….and it really is good!